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Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Energy & Alignment Workshops

an in-depth look at various yoga postures with Raina

Sat Oct 17, 3-5pm: Forward folds, back bends & the sun salute
Sat Nov 14, 3-5pm: Stillness, Movement & Balance

Location: Ashlei Ballet (upstairs)
Cost: $50 for both or $30 each

Some yoga experience recommended.
Space is limited.
To register please call or e-mail:

Physical alignment & movement of energy within the body will be examined,
inviting participants to explore their full potential in each posture with grace & ease.
The bandhas, or energy locks within the chakra system will be introduced. Raina will
also talk about developing a personal yoga practice and the logistics of sequencing.
Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions as they arise.